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Medical Insurance

This year more than ever, we would like to reassure you that our students’ health and safety is of paramount importance to us. Our support system includes our excellent team of Em bayit and madrichot who all live in the dormitory with the students, and are available 24/7. A madricha checks on the students each morning as well as at sign-in every night, and we ask that each student lets us know if she (or a roommate) is not feeling well, so that we can help her in whatever way she needs, whether it's bringing her tea or a meal, or helping her get the medication she needs.

For over 30 years, Egert and Cohen insurance has faithfully guided us in providing the best health services for students from overseas within the Israeli medical system. This past year, in addition to the standard basic coverage they have provided for years, we enrolled in their upgraded Chai Travel Assistance Program. This upgraded coverage is included in tuition, with the exclusion of pre-existing conditions. 

Egert and Cohen has provided the following information regarding the Chai program:

• Insurance Provider
The insurer is the HAREL Insurance group - Israel’s largest health insurance company. All hospitals are contracted directly to the company, as are hundreds of doctors, specialists and medical clinics throughout the country.

• Plan Administrator
The Medical Director of our programs is Dr. Lazer Fruchter, who has over 45 years' experience in Pediatric and Adolescent medicine both in Israel and the US. 
Dr. Fruchter works with 2 PA’s (Physician Assistants) who also accompany our program.
Egert and Cohen are the insurance agents who provide all the technical backup - making specialist appointments, arranging laboratories, X-rays, etc.

• Coverage for the Coronavirus
The policy covers any medical treatment required, including hospitalization, chas veshalom. The policy does not cover costs of self-isolation, if necessary.
In addition, the CHAI medical staff works in close coordination with us to ensure that all the requirements of the Israel Health Ministry are fully met. We have a nurse who is an epidemiology expert available for on-the-spot consultations, and we have found that invaluable this year.

• Telemedicine
The Chai program includes an on-site clinic, once or twice a week depending on need. In addition, the Midrasha is equipped with telemedicine equipment, which will enable video medical appointments. This will enable continuous care in cases where a student is in isolation, or if she missed the scheduled clinic.

• Emergency medical services
In case of emergency ER admission, a qualified nurse will attend to make sure that the student is getting the medical attention required.

• Pre-existing conditions
Pre-existing conditions are not covered by the standard policy - Egert & Cohen offer coverage for most conditions that have been stable for the 6 months prior to arrival. It is critical that you contact us as soon as possible if you have any need for an additional rider for a pre-existing condition. In the past, there have been cases of serious illness, stemming from conditions that had been omitted from the medical forms that were submitted to us. Failure to disclose the truth places you in serious danger. If there is any updated medical information that should be included in your file, please notify us immediately.

• Medications:
Any student who requires ongoing medication should, wherever feasible, bring a year’s supply with her.

• Non-medical coverage
All students have a Personal Effects policy covering all possessions located in the dormitory for fire and water damage, theft or arson, up to $4,500.