Midreshet Lindenbaum
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Poland Trip 2016 - Tuesday

This morning we woke up and drove to Yeshivat Chachmei Lublin. It was the first modern style yeshiva with dormitories, a formal curriculum, kitchens, and tuition (a lot like midreshet lindenbaum). We sat in the beit midrash and learned in chevruta the Rambam about kiddush and chillul Hashem (regarding when it is acceptable to die rather then break a mitzvah). It was really incredible as a group of women who are spending the year learning to learn where there was a yeshiva where so many Jews learned almost 100 years ago. Then we davened as a group for rosh hodesh. After that we went to the cemetery where the Chozeh of Lublin and the Maharshal are burrried and we talked about them. Then we watched Fiddler on the roof on the bus while driving to Treblinka. Treblinka is a giant memorial of stone nameless grave markers today. We were given some time to walk around on our own and process and think. We stopped by the marker commemorating yanush korscack. Then we davened mincha outside and drove to the hotel.