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Poland 2024 Friday

We started off our day a little later than usual and headed further into the town to the Synagogue Dabrowska Tarnowska, a recently refurbished Shul, to daven Shacharit and have breakfast. Then we went to Zbilitovska Gura where 8,000 Jews from Tarnow were murdered, including 800 children from the orphanage, resulting in the name יער הילדים. There are also mass graves of around 8,500 Poles who were murdered by the Germans during the war as they were believed to be a part of the opposition. This is a place of both Jewish and Polish suffering. Then we went to a Christian cemetery and visited the British plot within, that contained kevarim of Jews who fought in the British army during World War II. They had enlisted from Palestine to help their fellow brethren and unfortunately perished. After that we dropped our bags off at the hotel in the heart of Krakow and headed to the shul of the Rama where we learned about him and his contributions to the world of Halacha. We visited the kevarim of the Bach, Tosfot Yom Tov, Megaleh Amukot, and the Rama, and spoke about each of them by their kever. We returned to our hotel and prepared for Shabbat in Krakow. 
Nava Oberstein