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Poland Trip 2024 - Thursday

Today we started our day davening in a synagogue in the city of Zamosc and learned about its history. Next we went to the death camp of Belzec and learned about the last camp that was part of Operation Reinhard. We read testimony at the monument and went to the “echo room” in the museum. Following that we made our way over to the “Commander’s” house and spoke about four of the  "faces of evil" - four of the Nazi leaders behind the "Final Solution." We then went to the synagogue (now a library) in Yosefov where we continued our discussion about the banality of evil, and how it can be possible for "normal" people to commit such atrocities. We went to the forest where mass graves of Jews were and took a moment to reflect. From there we went to the kever of Rav Elimelech of Lezansk and danced and sung together there. Our next stop was to give honour to the righteous gentiles in Markowa who lost their lives while protecting Jews. We ended the meaningful day by heading to the hotel in Dabrowa Tarnowska.
By Liela Silbiger