Midreshet Lindenbaum
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Packing List

Necessary Items

• warm sweaters, sweatshirts, warm winter jacket (with hood)
• waterproof boots
• skirts, shirts, turtlenecks, etc.
• thermal underwear, leggings, warm tights, pantyhose, socks
• Shabbat clothing (in Israel, Shabbat clothing is slightly more casual than you may be used to) comfortable dress shoes (not heels)
• shoes for daily wear, sneakers, (hiking shoes)
• water shoes for tiyulim (eg. Tevas)
• scarf, gloves, warm hat, sunhat for hiking
• underwear - two week supply
• pajamas, bathrobe, slippers (for cold floors in winter)
• two sets of sheets and pillow cases
• toiletries, alarm clock
• pillow, towels, blankets (or sleeping bag)
• supply of prescription meds if needed

Emergency Supplies
• masks
• gloves
• alco-gel
• thermometer

The following items are not absolutely necessary, but you may wish to bring some, or all of them, as you see fit. All of these items can be bought in Israel but may be more expensive than abroad.
• appliances (iron, blow dryer, sandwich maker, etc.) 220 V with adapter plug
• knapsack, small flashlight, camera, batteries
• sunscreen
• notebooks, folders, pens
• sewing kit, scissors, etc.
• overnight bag for weekend trips
• laundry bag, woolite, net bag for delicate wash
• sunglasses
• tylenol, advil, etc
• skirt hangers