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Masa 2019 Day 4

We started this Thursday bright and early, as usual, with a 5:30 wake up for coffee and conversation. Today’s topic was “אני והעם והארץ״ “me and the people and the land of Israel.”  After a fun Israeli breakfast surrounded by other Israeli groups doing similar tours to ours, we took a relaxing bus ride to Emek Haela.  Before beginning our trek, we participated in a couple of Israeli dances, which helped wake us up more than the coffee we had earlier. 

We hiked for around 5 hours, but much of our time was spent engaging in circle time conversation about the role of the Israeli land in our connections to Medinat Yisrael, and defining factors of a Zionist. We also visited a cave that Jews hid in during the Bar Kochva Revolt.  

After our hike, we bussed to the Old City where we davened a beautiful Mincha on the roof of our amazing madricha Yifat’s grandparents’ apartment. We then made our way to Kotel and spontaneously sang and danced with a bride.

We capped off the day with an unbeatable dinner at our fourth and final Masa resting place. During our closing circle time we all offered new insights we gained about our relationships with the land of Israel.

We can’t wait for שבת!

Talia Gill. Shalhevet, Los Angeles, CA

Day 4Day 4
Day 4