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Masa 2019 Day 3

Day 3 of the Masa trip highlighted the theme of אני והקהילה. We began our day with sunrise as we discussed the importance of sharing within a community; we learn from the Mishna in Pirke Avot different societal ideals and how the sages categorize them. Afterwards, we ate breakfast in the Bedouin tents and embarked on today’s journey.

Our first stop was an old age home in Be’er Sheva, whose members come from a wide range of middle eastern countries. After just a few minutes of talking to some of the elderly, we quickly learned about their devotion to the land of Israel, and their willingness to simply pick up and move here. Our conversations only ended because of a birthday party! We celebrated five birthdays by singing and dancing with the men and women. After our visit, we reflected with each other. We realized that as much as we are helping the elderly, they helped us too. As much as we made them smile, they made us smile.

And with that thought, we walked through Be’er Sheva until we settled in a nearby park to have lunch and embark on a scavenger hunt! This was no ordinary scavenger hunt: we had to meet the locals, talk and sing with them, inquire about their lives, and of course, take selfies to capture these precious moments. We soon after gathered back in the park to recount our experiences with the Be’er Sheva community, and share some insights about our own communities back at home.

Our last stop of the day was Ramot Shapira, where we enjoyed dinner, reflected in circle time, and played fun and exciting games with our madrichot.

Lauren Zami, Brooklyn, NY

Day 3Day 3
Day 3