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Masa 2019 Day 2

Today was a GREAT day!!! We started out our day at 5:30 am with Netz Cafe, drinking coffee (or tea or shoko or any number of combinations of those) and sharing what we were thankful for. After tefilla, breakfast and a quick clean up we were off for a quick hike! The topic today was "Me and the Group."  During the hike we focused on our group, connecting to each other by sharing facts that no one knew about us (which was fun and rather successful), but also connecting physically, trying to walk with our shoes tied to one another’s (which was less so).

We then went to the town of Mitzpeh Ramon for some team building exercises  where we learned to trust each other and to listen to each other and to count ALMOST as well as Israeli soldiers. We closed the training with a circle about where we fit in our group and what we feel we can do to change our position if it makes us unhappy. Then we went to an outlook over the Machtesh to daven a meaningful mincha with the setting sun and the beautiful scenery as a backdrop and, of course, to take some pictures.

Then we waved goodbye to our favorite machtesh and our favorite gas station as we made our way to the Bedouin tents for the night. We ended the night with an anonymous compliment circle and some slow shira.

We had such a good day today getting to know each other better and we’re so excited to go out into the greater community tomorrow!

Chodesh Tov!
Oreet Zimand, Silver Spring, Maryland
Masa 2019 Day 2Masa 2019 Day 2
Masa 2019 Day 2