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Students share their Masa Experience - Naomi Moryosef

Tel Aviv is not just a city — it is a story, a representation of the Israeli culture, a symbol of our Jewish heritage. That is what our incredible guide Jamie showed us today. Starting with a beautiful bike ride along נחל הירקון, we caught a glimpse of the natural beauty of the city and the diversity of its residents. Afterward, we went to the Nachalat Binyamin art market and Shuk HaCarmel and further experienced the richness of Tel Aviv’s eclectic culture. Then, we went to the Trumpeldor cemetery and turned to past Zionist leaders to help us understand the complexity of Tel Aviv’s formation. Meir Dizengoff, Achad Haam, Akiva Weiss, and many others revealed to us that Tel Aviv was founded with the intent of being the center of the Jewish/Hebrew culture. From the past, we went to the present in Dizengoff Square and discussed the culture clashes that have arisen in Tel Aviv, how this fits in with the concept of the city as presented by such people as Dizengoff, and what can be changed, if anything, to create an atmosphere of acceptance on all sides. After מנחה on the beach, we wrapped up our day at הבימה and attended a musical that, in a way, encapsulated the whole day. It was a story of love, courage, devotion, and strength — it was a story depicting the Israeli culture.