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Rav Tuvia Kaplan

Rav Kaplan has a B.A. from the University of British Columbia and Semicha from the Jerusalem Rabbinate. He has been teaching in Midreshet Lindenbaum since its opening in 1976. In addition to  teaching a regular Talmud shiur, Rav Kaplan teaches a class in Faith and Commitment, a shiur in Aggada to Shana Bet students, and a shiur in Chassidic philosophy in the Israeli program. As Mashgiach Ruchani he has added responsibilites for the personal and religious development of Lindenbaum students.  He has taught in Yeshivat Ha-Mivtar and Yeshivat Shaarei Mevasseret and  women’s schools in Jerusalem. Born in Vancouver Canada, Rav Kaplan has lived in Israel since 1972.
He is married with five children. He and his wife Menucha live in Har Nof , Jerusalem.