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Rabbanit Nomi Berman, Rosh Beit Midrash

Nomi Berman is a “product” of Midreshet Lindenbaum, having studied in the Midrasha’s Shana Aleph, Shana Bet, and Bruria Scholars Program. In between her studies at Lindenbaum, Nomi completed her B.A. at Stern College and studied in the Talmud department at Bar Ilan University. She and her husband Todd served for four years as the first Av and Eim Bayit in Lindenbaum’s current facilities. As a team, Nomi and Todd also pioneered the Jewish Learning Initiative, a program co-sponsored by the OU and Hillel which brings “Rabbinic couples” to university campuses. They served as the first JLI couple at Brandeis University before returning to their current home in Efrat, where they live with their eight children.
To contact Rabbanit Nomi Berman, please email ml@ots.org.il